Only the lazy ones are not giving lectures these days
We are not lazy.

Transhuman Birthday Party

Misha Batin's, the president and founder of Science for Life Extension Foundation, 444th Birthday Party. There were so many things: t-shirt print competition, biomarkers of aging clinical trials, the coolest live band, surprises from the guests and transhumanism in action - just lying down there on the rooftop of KLYUCH Technohub.

There were five new excellent lectures about genetic engineering of the future, consciousness transfer to a computer, cryonics, political struggle for life extension and about Big Pharma fight against aging. Plus Misha's performance.

Geek Picnic 2016

There were several lectoriums on Geek Picnic in Moscow. Sasha Panchin did a presentation on aging on one of the main stages, while we were sowing spores of transhumanism on Atlas Company stand.

KL10CH Lectorium

KLYUCH Technohub holds one of the best lectures in Moscow. We hope it's gonna be that way for some time and the section will grow.

SetUp Lectorium 2016

There was one of the biggest pop-science lectorium SetUp in in April 2016. One can estimate the scale by the report video. Alexander Panchin did one of the best presentations. Again!

Newtrition Summit 2016

Atlas Biomed Group hold the first ever summit on personalized health and diets Newtrition in Moscow in 2016. One of the topics was scientific approach to diets in the context of longevity.

Gero Housewarming Party 2015

Gero company had a housewarming party in November 2015. It seems there were everybody! And of cause there were lectures as well.

A Pinch of Salt 2015

Discussion club "A Pinch of Salt" in Saint Petersburg.
Misha is launching the Transhuman Wave.